Saturday, January 14, 2017

Good Morning Messages For Wife

At this time so many boy and girl can use Android mobile phone and this mobile phone we can use facebook and whatshap.At morning time we can share good morning messages for each other and at this time every wife has husband. So morning time every wife can send message for your husband.

Good Morning Messages For Wife:

I should have kissed you awake this morning, but you looked so restful and beautiful, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Forgive me.
Last night was so awesome that I’m going to walk through my entire day with a perpetual smile. I hope you do too. (kisses)

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As you wake up and before our “circus-life” begins, take one moment to smile and know your husband is crazy about you.
When we put on the “glam” and go out, you always look amazing, but I don’t think you ever look more lovely than when you’re sleeping beside me.
Hey, babe! I snuck this note into your lunch because I wanted us to think about eachother exactly at the same time. Love you!
I woke up thinking about how lucky I am to have such a beautiful, capable, intelligent woman as my wife and just had to tell you.
Good morning honey. When I get frustrated at work today, I’ll know why I’m there. I love the life we’re building together.
When people talk about “chasing their dreams” I realize that I roll over and there are all my dreams lying beside me.
You are an intelligent, hard-working and capable woman. I really admire you. Wake up and go get ’em, baby!

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Monday morning…I love you on Mondays. Actually, I love waking up with you on any day ending in “Y.”

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